Fun on Freecycle

Last week I saw on Freecycle the offer of “a large box of sewing patterns”, so I emailed the guy about it. And I got it! I’m finding that fabric goes fast, but patterns don’t.
I picked the box up in the next day or two (I forget) and it was a good sized box, for sure.

The patterns are mostly women’s and girl’s patterns, though there are two that have something for boys…

women’s patterns

girl’s patterns

One pattern has been loved on by some small rodent.


The patterns seem to be mostly 60’s and 70’s and 80’s patterns, which makes them ‘vintage’ I do believe. Its a tad scary when patterns that are as old as I are considered ‘vintage’. Must remember that patterns age quicker than people do. There is a swim suit patterns also, and I have such bad luck with store bough swim suits. I promise a later post on this.

I’ve kept to my commitment to buy no new clothes, but that depends on me not counting the swim suit as ‘clothing’. I really want to make some of these the clothes from these patterns. We will see!


One comment

  1. Hi, love your blog and thought i’d say hello. You made me laugh re your ‘Vintage’ patterns…this makes me vintage too as I was born in the 60’s but I don’t think of this as old but I suppose it is. lol

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