New Day, New Habits

We finished up UYP (local uni youth program thing), finally. Hubby had a great class; mine was mostly good. But as with most 4th and 5th graders, there were 2 boys who just couldn’t pay attention. I think they got roped into the class by Mom, or some such, and they were a bit disruptive. But, its done now. Would I do it again? perhaps.

This week I’m going to work on a few habits. First, eating up before Peanut to have some coffee and a “quiet time”, also known as “QT”. I think this will give me a good start to the day and better able to handle a handful of Peanut. Second, working to get my various “chores” done in the first few hours after breakfast.  I figure two new habits for this week is plenty.

Peanut made his first movie last week. He loves to push buttons and if Mommy or Daddy is interested in it, he is too. We regularly pull out the video camera to catch something cute that Peanut is doing, and so Peanut is quite interested in the video camera.  So, for about 15 minutes one afternoon, I let him play. He found a few settings and adjustments I hadn’t… how to video in black and white, and how to set it to just take a picture, rather than video. Grandpa and Grandma Y thought the final video (where I strung all the short bits of video together) was reminiscent of the Blare Witch Project (I probably spelled that wrong… I’ve never seen it).

And I have a slew of toads living in my pots and garden. I love it! We figured out that they are Gulf Coast Toads.

I promise picture of garden and products soon. I’ve been puttering around the lappy long enough and should get back to the tasks I’m trying to finish this morning.

Hope you have a blessed day!


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