Week in, week out

Well, life got busy, busy this week. Not that it isn’t normally at least some what busy. I’m learning how much Peanut needs a “C” day after an “A” day. Here’s a run down of what’s going on these days.

Tough guy is making more of an appearance. He hasn’t fully adopted us, but we are open to it. Today, he escaped Peanut attention when he went out and, I guess, decided he needed a drink… I guess the water inside wasn’t good enough.


Peanut wants to be outside a lot and there is only so much swimming one can do. So, I got him a little riding toy. I’d seen it in the thrift shop a few weeks before for $8. I decided to go back for it, and I had $6 in cash, so decided to try bargaining.  I offered the lady the $6 in cash. “No, I can’t go lower than $8. I cleaned it and washed it and sanitized it. These are big business, I go through them fast.” (remember, I’d first seen this riding toy and the others there the two weeks before) But, I decided that $8 wasn’t a bad deal, even if she was fibbing to me, so I wrote her a check. I’d seen similar toys at Walmart for $40 -odd. While writing the check I put Peanut on the toy, and he LOVED it!

Later, when we got home, Peanut got to play on it some more, but the lure of the grass was much stronger than the lure of the riding toy, so he wasn’t on all that long.

And, of course, I find this…

Hmmm, some cleaning job, lady. But this riding toy will be living outside, so I guess its not that big of a deal. Nonetheless, should I go back to that thrift store, I know more of what to look for when bargaining.

The flowers are blooming like crazy. All these flowers were here when we moved in, so I have to thank the previous owners for them. The day lilies do great around here. And the crape myrtle is just beautiful.

I’m thinking I’ll head out in the morning to cut some flowers to bring in.  A friend has been posting about being in nature and bringing nature in. She inspired me to think this way.

Life has gotten busy as both Hubby and I picked up a short term teaching assignment at the local university. I’m teaching 4th and 5th graders about animals, and Hubby is teaching high schoolers philosophy. My class in the morning, and his is in the afternoon, so it makes for an interesting day handing Peanut back and forth. I put Peanut down for a nap (or have each day this week, with our luck, he likely won’t nap tomorrow morning) and leave. When I get home, Hubby has usually fed Peanut a snack and they have played hard. We have lunch and Hubby leaves to go teach.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Peanut and I dropped Hubby off and ran some errands. I figured out some about my class, and then we ran to Walmart. We went back to school, and met up with Hubby at the gym/pool and swam for a bit, then home for dinner. For the first time in months and months, Peanut went to sleep before 7 pm.  He was so very tired after such an exciting after. And he slept till 630 this morning. 12 hours. Record nights sleep. And then he took a 2 hour nap this morning. but then he only napped for 20 minutes this afternoon. But it was a “C” day after our crazy “A” day yesterday.

I think tomorrow will be an “A” day… more errands to run, and swimming is just too much fun to miss out on.

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