As of Monday, June 4, the links are fixed! Thanks to WordPress help for helping me figure out that some of the html was just wonky. He fixed on, and I used it to fix the others. Wow — I just edited straight hmtl.

I currently have 5 books going. Yes, all at once. See, there are specific times I read certain books. I can’t read “On Food and Cooking” while nursing, because its just too big. But trying to read “Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Manuel” is rather dry reading for long stretches. Here’s what I got going right now…

I actually reading the one without the second introduction. I’ve enjoyed the book and am just about finished. The author has a lot to say, and it deserves a response. I hope to give an indepth response soon.

I am LOVING this book. I’m half way through, and though I can only read a bit at time, its quite engrossing. Basically, its a chemistry of food book, and it satisfies my various chef/cook/chemist desires.

I picked this up because it was free for kindle and looked interesting. Its a run of the mill fantasy story. Fun to read and easy to read.

I got this audio book from the library. I really, really enjoyed “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by the same author. I noted that I’d read it at GoodReads, and so got a notice when they had an interview with Seth Grahame-Smith (the author of both). I think, to do justice to the book, I need to get the book (not just the audiobook), but the few chapters I’ve listened to so far are quite interesting. I want to read Grahame-Smith’s “Unholy Nights” also, when I can get it from the library. I really enjoy the way he writes (and what he writes).

Hubby and I are listening to this audio book. We are slowly-slowly working our way through the series listening together. Its the listening together that is hard. But worth the effort.

Am I the only one who keeps multiple books going at once? What are you reading now?

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