Take The 5 Love Languages profile with this widget

I really enjoyed this book when I read it years and years ago. I should read it again! But for now, here is a widget that will help you figure out your love language.

What’s mine? Well, I did realize as I was answering the questions, my answers were influenced by what Hubby does or doesn’t do. Any question that had something about gifts… well, I picked the other thing. No, I don’t think gift giving is a love language of mine, but its also not Hubby’s… thus we do very little with gifts. Anyhoo, I’d love to hear what you scored!

My official scoring…. I’m a fairly well rounded person, I guess. 😛

Love Language Scores:
7 Words of Affirmation
8 Quality Time
0 Receiving Gifts
9 Acts of Service
6 Physical Touch

(score can top out at 12)

You can read more about the 5 love languages here.



  1. The questions are a bit tricky – what if your husband has never done one of the things listed? It’s also hard not the select “I like it when my husband touches me”; if I don’t select that, it feels like I’m saying I don’t like it…which is not true (I do!).

    My top score was in words of affirmation, with receiving gifts second and acts of service last. I agree with my top score, but I think the latter scores reflect my husband’s love language more than my own. 🙂

  2. Yes, I had the same feeling! If I don’t mark “I like the gifts my husband gets me”, does that mean I don’t like them? For me it was that he doesn’t get me many gifts! But that isn’t bad. I do think its a what-do-you-like-better, and when I started thinking that, it helped.

    I guessed years ago that you had “gifts” as a love language!

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