“Screen-free” Sunday

Sounds kinda like “scream free”, but Peanut made sure there were a few screams during the day.

Hubby proposed and I endorsed going without screen oriented entertainment for Sunday. We figured with church in the morning, that left us afternoon to see how we did with no computers nor TV. We decided we could each get our dose first thing in the morning, and we’d crank things back up after Peanut went down for the night.

And Sunday morning, Peanut was cranky, cranky. So, we checked his temp, and, yep, he had a low grade fever. Nothing much, and a little feel-less-crappy-medicine (tylenol) made him much happier. But here we were with 3 or 4 more hours at home… with no computers.

We actually did pretty good. We read, played on the floor with Peanut, and read some more.

Peanut has gotten a lot more interactive with his toys lately. As in, actually playing with them, not just chewing on them. He discovered the constellation turtle the other day, and has had a blast pushing the button to turn it on and off and change the color of the lights. The turtle is designed to project a pattern of stars onto the ceiling and there are constellations in the patterns.

Playing with the constellation turtle.

Peanut also has several stuffed animals and he has started “wrestling” with them. He pulls them all off the shelve that they live on, grabs one and rolls around the floor with it. He will crawl over the top of it and drag it along. And seems to be having a great deal of fun along the way. Of course, he also bites them… see Daddy does that to him, “eating” Peanut’s nose, or elbow. Hmmmm….

wrestling with teddy


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