Gardening Spring 2012

I did get the garden up and running this spring. I’ve also realized that with our general climate, we will get the most monetary benefit from the garden fall-winter-spring.  If it doesn’t get too very hot, I can keep tomatoes and peppers alive through July and August so that they can produce again in Sept and October, but little else likes to produce in the summer here. Well, except squashes and we don’t really like squash. And okra. But okra is slimy. And if Mama doesn’t like it, its not gonna get cooked/made.

So, what is going on here right now?  Here’s what I’ve got growing —

Various random plants (from top left): Rose of Sharon, the garden, basil, red malabar spinach, (middle row) random squash/gourd, tomatillo blossom, (bottom row) sweet pea tomato plant, the herb garden

The spicy peppers (from left to right, top to bottom): Joe’s Round blossom, jalapeno, fatali

The tomatoes: Roma (left 3), sweet pea (right 3)

Tomatoes — total of 11 plants


Sweet Pea

Amish Paste

Cherry Roma

Peppers (all are spicy varieties) — total of 11 plants


Joe’s Rounds



Tomatillos — total of 3 plants

The basil is doing great and the cilantro is going crazy. I finally cut back the marjoram because it was taking over and I don’t use that much marjoram. A friend asked me to keep her potted herbs for the summer while they are gone, so I’ve add sage, more basil, and mint. There was room in the pots so I put in seeds for oregano and a few others… oh, dear, I can’t remember! I’m pretty sure there is some spearmint in there, and perhaps some cumin?

I’ve got seeds to plant kale, cabbage and lettuce in the fall. I could also add broccoli, and I’ll put in more garlic for sure.

I hope to make a good chunk of salsa, spicy pepper dip for chips and candied jalapenos from the summer veggies. I think to really use up all the peppers I need 3 times as many tomato plants — it might just mean more dip, though that can be used like salsa. I should be able to can the dip, I’m hoping the capsicum will allow water bath canning.

As for monetary savings, I’ll have to see what I can make, and how well I use everything. Sometimes I find myself so overwhelmed that I shut down and stuff gets fuzzy before I get anything made. I really do want my garden to assist me in spending less on food, so I’ve got to  be sure to not let things go. But, we will see!


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