A Day in the Life, the One Year Edition

I realized I’m posting less and less, and realized it because keeping up with Peanut is requiring more and more energy to keep up with. So, today a post from him!

Now, from Peanut —

Mommy decided that I should get to put up a post today. Its been forever since I got to do this, and its my birthday today, so, of course, I get to do something special.

Unfortunately, my day started out with a doctor’s check up. I’m quite healthy and growing like I’m suppose to, but then I got stuck with a bunch of needles. That was no fun, and I let them know it!

 I fell asleep in my new car  seat on the way home, but then Mommy gave me a snack and I felt better.

And I had my cup of water. I love my cup of water…

My birthday party was last Saturday, and I got some fun stuff then.  But, I found out, there was a present for today as well! Of course, the unwrapping is the funnest part, and I spend ALL DAY unwrapping it.

It was later in the afternoon that I finally got the package open, and it was a fun set of cups that can be made into balls. I had fun rolling it back and forth with Daddy.

After lunch, we went out to play. Mommy decided it was too chilly for water, but I got to play in the swimming pool anyways. I even invented a new game… pass it behind my back. It was fun!

Then, I had to take a nap. I don’t like naps, but I was sure tired this afternoon. That made it easy it to fall asleep. After my nap, I had another snack, and got to to drink from my cup again!

Another game I play is called ‘pushing the chairs around’… its a ton of fun!

And if I find something on the floor, well its great fun tasting it.

In the afternoon, I finally got to play in the water. I love having the sprinkler in the pool.

After dinner, I got play some more. I got to play with Daddy’s phone and that was ton of fun. Mommy tried to get me to play with the percussion set I got last Saturday, but Daddy’s phone was so much more fun.

And I got to drink from my cup again!

I took a bath, and brushed my teeth.

And then Daddy put me to bed.

It was a good day.


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