Different ages, different diapers

I got to thinking the other day about how I’m more inclined to put a prefold on Peanut now than any other diaper. Yes, just 6 months ago, I swore by my home made fitteds. What has changed? Poop.

A baby that is exclusively breastfed (ebf) has very runny poop. Yep, so much so that when the pedi asked if Peanut had diarrhea, I asked how would I know if he did. Yes, there is a way to know, but its not just in the runniness of the poop. From month 0 to month 5 (or 6), to keep that runny poop contained, I wanted elastic around those legs. I never could figure out how to put on a prefold without having some gap around the legs and that would guarantee some poop getting on the cover. Thus, the predominate use of the homemade fitteds, the kissaluv’s size 0 (which fit Peanut through about 4 months, but he is skinny-skinny) and pockets. Perhaps if I’d persevered, I might have learned how to successfully contained that ebf poop.

Now, with the introduction of solids, his poop is more solid such that it tends to stay in one place. (is this grossing you out? I’m sorry, but its necessary for the discussion.) A folded prefold to fit in the cover, or even a prefold put on with a snappi works just fine in keeping poop contained.

This is when I’m most happy that we didn’t have to buy all that we needed right out. Some were gives (the kissaluvs, kushie prefolds, and gerber flats), many were hand-me-downs (most of hte pockets, many of the prefolds), and a slew I made.

Not too long ago, I was thinking about putting together enough newborn sized prefolds so that with the kissaluv’s size 0, we had a newborn set of diapers that would get us through those first few months (or weeks) when the little one isn’t big enough for the “one-sized” pockets and such. (no, I’m not preggers, just thinking ahead with hope).

kissaluv size 0 on the left, my newborn sized prefold on the right

Then I remembered. I remember why I rarely put Peanut in a prefold before month 6 (or was month 7?). Luckily, I’ve only made 1 prefold, so I’m not doomed, but I’ll have to think through this a bit more. Do I want to learn to put on a prefold so that poop doesn’t leak out? That is the question.

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