My inquisitive and hungry child

For the first time ever, last Sunday, I purchased EXTRA food at a restaurant for Peanut. No, I didn’t order him something, but I got extra as I’m the one who usually shares with him. And, instead of a 2 entree meal at Panda Express, I got a 3 entree meal… and we ate all of it.

We got an extra side of fries at Buzzard Billy’s last night, but Peanut was less interested in eating and more at watching people, the ceiling fans and the TVs. So much stimulation, all in one place.

We’ve also reached the point in energy levels that Mama makes sure that we go outside at least once every day. Yes, every day. And Peanut gets to free range, on a limited basis. I have resigned myself to the fact that he gets utterly filthy, as he is still crawling around and mostly army style. But he loves it and it ensures that he sleeps well.

Today, as I hung out diapers and watered plants on the back porch (and pulled a few weeds), Peanut found himself in one of the most enjoyable positions I think he’s ever found.

See that wet spot by that planter on the end… yep, he found water, and splashed in it for all the shallow bit allowed him.

And he was wet by the end. I’m pretty sure he tried eating the water, too, based on the dirt around his mouth. He was rather unhappy at me as we took off the wet clothing and headed inside. Normally, I brush him off and know that some dirt, leaves, grass and whatnot make it inside. This time, it meant a bath.

Have I mentioned that he loves water?

And he slept really well in that afternoon nap.


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