Still using cloth diapers?

Yep! We are about 11 months into it and still going strong.

I shall now do some estimating. Of course, I’m not doing it completely on my own, I am using a calculator, a website for estimating my washer/dryer cost, and a cloth diaper – disposable comparison spreadsheet found here.
Cloth diaper costs — remember I got some hand-me-down clothies, some as gifts, and made some more. I have spent… somewhere between $80 and $100 on cloth diapers, not including my time spent. Generally, I wash 3 times a week, and I do use the dryer pretty regularly… (about $0.64/load, including detergent)… comes out to about $85.  I’m at just under $200 spent, so far, on diapers. Let’s round this up to $300 to account for things I’m sure I’ve forgotten about.
According to this spreadsheet, at this point, I would have spent about $700 on sposies.
I’m feeling pretty good, being about $400 up! Woot!
Time? Yes, I wash diapers 3 times a week. Plus regular laundry. I spend about 10 minutes stuffing diapers after each washing. If one used just prefolds and covers… no folding needed.
Yuck factor? I got a diaper sprayer which makes rinsing a poopy diaper much nicer. Plus, if Peanut communicates successfully, I can get him to poop in the potty about 50% of the time — see here for more info on that.
What else can I talk about to get you to try cloth diapers? (okay, not all readers have babies….)

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