Book Review: the world of Pern

When we were cleaning out for the garage sale, Hubby found he didn’t want to get rid of these books, by Anne  McCaffery. I’d read most of the series that I love, so I started in on these that Hubby loved. Since you can find the basic story run down on amazon (follow links in the pictures), I’ll just offer my opinions here.

First, I read The Harper Hall Trilogy — , and .  Yes, it was a fairly standard story line… young person being persecuted for a gift/talent he/she has, young person struggles and then escapes, then is rescued, and finally triumphs. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the books. McCaffery creates characters with enough depth that I got quite involved in the story. The story is clean, as in no over violence or sex, and endearing. I’d be happy to hand this triology to any young teenager or, perhaps, tween.

From there, I ventured into the main series — , and .  This trilogy is geared more towards older teens and adults. Though there aren’t any overt sex scenes, its certainly behind there off screen and plenty of minor violence.

Finished off this round of fiction reading with . Again, geared towards adults — plenty of sex (if all off screen) and minor violence, plus a dose of social commentary! That was unexpected, but got me thinking. Its the traditional “we thing advancing technology is bad” versus “advancing technology is good”, but made for a good story.

Overall, if you enjoy fantasy/sci fi style stories, these are fun ones to read. Be prepared to get swept up into a set of characters that you will follow through most of the books, and you will find you feel as if you actually know them. I found myself a bit repulsed by some of the assumptions made about sex, but that is fairly normal as I read popular fiction. There isn’t any gratuitous violence for the sake of violence. I wouldn’t give the main series, or any out side of the Harper Hall series, to anyone less than 15 or 16. And if characters being loosy-goosy about sex bothers you more than a little, you might not enjoy the books.

We have three more Pern books that I’ll read, but first I need some non-fiction in me.

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