Pink Slime

Pink slime has made big news lately. Its in school lunch (oooo, gross!) and in ground beef (geez, this is even worse).

HEB, our local grocery store, has declared all of its beef sold in H-E-B supermarkets is 100 percent pure and contains no additives.

Forgive me for thinking like a philosopher (or lawyer), but pink slime is made from cow parts, so its still “pure beef”. Does the “no additives” mean it doesn’t contain the ammonia hydroxide used to kill bacteria (which weirds me out, also)? What does this really mean? I’m not normally a freak-out-about-food kinda gal, but this really freaks me out.

Anyone else have more information on this? What do you think? Should I be as freaked out by this as I am?



  1. I'm so limited on what I can eat due to food allergies that started about the same time GMO foods hit the market. Pink slime .. well, just the look of it is repulsive. I started buying 1/4 of a cow each year and know what farm it comes from. Same with chicken, turkey and pork. The hamburger we eat is from ONE cow, not hundreds all mixed up. I'm not opposed to using bones and connective tissues to make stock .. but don't want that stuff reformulated and hidden in our hamburger. No wonder there are 'outbreaks' of food poisoning from meat.

  2. You are right to be freaked out! We no longer buy meat from the store, instead, like Mrs. Mac, we buy our meat from local producers who raise animals in healthy, sustainable conditions. We choose our butcher, and have the meat cut and wrapped exactly how we like it. No additives, no slime, nothing unnatural or disgusting! Additionally, we keep the bones for stock making. A healthy steer raised naturally on grass, without injections and medications makes for supremely delicious, pure beef! The only way to go. Check out to find local producers in your area. Also, you can grind your own ground beef – investing in a grinder is a wise thing to do if you buy store bought meat. Buy a cheap cut of beef and grind it yourself so that you can be certain of cleanliness and of course you won't be adding nasty stuff to your hamburger!

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