And its Thursday

Whew — what a week. Hubby is getting ready for his first paper presentation (at a conference this weekend), Peanut is finally getting over his cold, and I’m catching up on life after doing some nannying last week. Let’s just say that 4 month old twins plus 9 month old Peanut is a freaking lot of work.

To my great joy, I saw this earlier today…

The irises are blooming! If I remember right, I picked up these bulbs last year at school, before Peanut was born. Someone was casting them off, so I claimed them. I had no idea what color they were, but aren’t they beautiful?
And, yep, its raining! I don’t think we’ve gotten all that much today, but some is far better than none.
And, to wet your appetite, I hope to have a few food and food-money related posts soon. I have several ideas floating around my head after hearing (1) a story on talk radio about a new book, (2) a blog post about someone else’s food budget (she is spending about $750 a month!), and (3) I tried the perpetual bone broth.



  1. Hmm, that recipe looks interesting…but I'll never call it "bone broth". For some reason, that phrase makes my skin crawl!I'll be interested to hear how it turned out and if you see health benefits from it. I'll definitely be reading more from that website – I need to find more ways to keep us healthy through all of the craziness that is life!

  2. I keep waiting to see what you had to say about the family who was spending about $750 a month on groceries…and then secretly wonder if it was my family you were going to write about, haha! While it isn't that much I would hazard a guess that it comes close some months…but then that includes everything such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and cat stuff…Since we're about to make the move to Oklahoma I'm hoping our grocery budget will go down significantly! 🙂 Love reading your posts!!

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