Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Its been some crazy times. Not that anything crazy is going on, but I’m getting the hang of my weekly schedule, the computer diet is working nicely, and I’m getting lots of sewing done.

Picture heavy this week!



He might not be actually Pretty, but Hank is a ton of fun.  (Why is this category so difficult for me?)
Peanut is crawling, and is every where!

trying to get to the garage sale stuff pile

round the far side of the love seat

between sofa and side table

under the hutch

far end of the kitchen

I moved him right after this picture, promise.

a favorite spot for Hank, glad I had cleaned and vacuumed that spot the day before

behind my chair in the bedroom
Not only is Peanut sitting, but he is wearing my most recent sewing project, a sweatshirt.

His most recent favorite toy, a ziplock reusable plastic container.
It’s gonna need some adjustments, but I’m learning a ton. Its out of “Sewing for Boys”. I’m finding at no patterns work just right, so I’m trying to learn how to do it myself — create the patterns, adjust the patterns.

In this effort, my last library run was all about sewing, mostly.
Really enjoying “Unbroken”. Look for a review in a few weeks. And I have learned a ton from  MS’s cooking school.


is the most awesome and complete sewing book. Its got just about everything I could want to know. I’m only about 100 pages in and I’ve learned quite a bit. MS’s Encyclopedia of Crafts has some description of fabrics, but this has pages upon pages of pictures and descriptions of more fabrics than I ever imagined existed. 

I have enjoyed this book, too, despite the total 80s styles of clothes. I’d love to find a book like this that is more… current, but this one has enough information that is just about making patterns that it is still quite useful and the reader isn’t doomed to styles from the 80s.

I’m hoping to put together an item or two for myself.


“You’re so lucky!”(this is the ‘picture’)
This statement bugs me. I get it regularly when someone finds out that I’m a full time stay at home mom. Hubby pointed out to me that the meaning is probably, “you are fortunate”. And we are fortunate. But when someone says “lucky”, it suggests a whimsical, spur of the moment decision. As if it just happened.
We planned for this. We worked hard so that I could stay home with any children that God gave us. We saved, set up some passive income, and made plans. Now, I am working to keep our expenses down and figuring out how I can bring in extra income without becoming a working mom.
Okay.  Rant done.

round button chicken


  1. The photos of your little one are hilarious! You've been busy with the camera. And I love the kitty – a cat picture will always get my attention. 😉

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