What stage is your philosopher at?

Katie over at Philosiology has a drastically insightful post about the stages that young philosophers will go through as they explore philosophy. I am married to a philosopher and I love him dearly, but I can imagine him as the young philosopher he once was, and I can see, in my mind’s eye, him at each stage.

I think these stages can be generalized to any young person as they get into a field of study. And I don’t think its limited to just academic fields, any sort of specialized knowledge area can take a newbie through these stages.

I can also imagine the day when our young Peanut will start venturing through these stages in his chosen area. Oh, the grace needed for those days!

And don’t you think that “philosopher” is a funny looking word? Its just struck me as I typed it a few times… I see hints of “gopher” and “Phil as a fern” sorts of sounds. No, I don’t know who Phil is or why he might look like a fern. See, I tend to learn how to spell a word and recognize it as spelled right based on its general shape, which of course, creates slews of issues with letters will similar shapes, like mixing up “m” and “n” (plus they sound similar, too, in my mind). But, on the other hand, keeping “their” and “there” and “they’re” separate is easy… they all look quite different.

Yes, I’m an odd-ball, I know.


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