Sewing like a big girl

A few years ago, I did actually sew a clothing item for myself, and I wore it Tuesday — the day I’m out and about. It was also apart of my efforts at wearing more skirts and trying to be a bit more fashionable.  Of course, the jury is out if my outfit was ‘fashionable’ or not.

I picked it all out the night before to facilitate the whole process, but used the timer function on the camera for the pictures… so a few have my head cut off … not on purpose, I promise. (I was trying to be Oona-like and failed.)

Can I put this shirt with that skirt? Noone looked at me too funny today, so I guess its okay.

I wore my traditional cardigan that had pockets as the skirt doesn’t have any pockets. I love pockets.

I really don’t mind having my face in pictures, really.

Isn’t it a beautiful print? I purchased it as a sarong while in Thailand years ago. It was a single rectangular piece of material that a lady wraps around her and folds down to secure. My hips are just too much to accommodate this style of clothing, so I made a skirt with it. I used the selvage as the bottom hem (so I didn’t have to hem it) to get the most out of the pattern. There is a zipper in the back, even with a hook. Seems I remember the zipper being the hardest part of this.

Yes, I wore my tennis shoes with the skirt. I was running errands and doing grocery shopping… you must forgive my fashion fopa. [edit: sister pointed out that its ‘faux pas’… joys of English]

 Unfortunately, I don’t have the pattern, so I’m not sure what pattern I used. I’m sure it was Simplicity or McCalls, as that’s mostly what I have.

I’m quite proud of myself, that I remembered that I had made something!


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  1. The joy of English is the incorporation of words and phrases from other languages. :)I made a skirt back in high school, and I loved it until my hips spread…oh, well. I still have the pattern and have thought about making another one. Maybe next Christmas!

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