Diaper Bag Make-over

So, I have a nifty single strap backpack that a formula company gave to the hospital to give to me — hope that makes sense! Its a great diaper bag — not too big, but big enough, easy to carry, and cool looking. But lately its been so full I can hardly zip it!

I’ve also found that its hard to find things when everything is stuffed into the one compartment. So, a make-over needed. In fact, as I emptied the diaper bag I found a pocket diaper without an insert, 2 onsies, 3 pairs of socks, a long sleeve shirt and a pair pants, plus 4 sposie diapers. How did I do this?

I considered the various bags in my closet, but none seemed just right. So I stayed with the same bag.

Then, I collected the few drawstring bags I have around the house. I used some twill tape to write on and stitched those onto the drawstring bags. I labeled a bag for clothes, clean diapers and dirty diapers.

Yes, its a big girly for a little boy, but I’m the one the diaper bag is really for.

Here’s what I finished with —

From left to right… the black backpack, a container for sposies, a changing mat, a bag for clean clothes, a container with coconut oil, wipes container, bag for clean clothies, 2 wet bags (dirty diapers and clothes), a nursing cover and burp clothes.

Now, hopefully, even the non-mamas who use the diaper bag can find what they need. Last time Peanut was at the nursery at church, his onsie and pants got wet, but they couldn’t find the clean onsies in the bag, so he had only a shirt and pants (and it was chilly outside, poor boy). No biggy, but when there were 2 onsies on the bag….

And Peanut has decided he wants to help…

But the kitty was thwarting him…

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