Exercise Fun

I have wanted a Wii for several years now. Yes, I am one of those that they have marketed to, and it was successful. I don’t dislike physical activity, but physical activity for the sake of it isn’t fun to me. I don’t really like to run, I don’t want to have to go some place else. Riding a stationary bike is okay, but it’s dull. Have you figured out that I’m rather picky about this topic? (like most topics, I think… :P)

For Christmas, I opened a bag that contained  a Wii remote. I thought, COOL! But what will I do with this with out the console? Sweet MIL, at that moment, says, “Wait…. I forgot something!”, and proceeds to bring out the Wii console, and another game for Hubby. She might have honestly forgotten, but I don’t think so, she is clever like that.

Let’s just say that I have exercised more since Christmas than the whole year before (perhaps, I could be exaggerating). The BMI and weight measurements are rather dull and repetitive, since they are done everyday (I’m sure you can skip this if you want) but its fun to see the stuff on the graph over time. I like the balance games (I got a balance board with Christmas money), I like seeing how I progress, I like competing against myself. Yes, the little dude on there can be cheesy, but I like cheesy most days. The trainer gal is a bit too perfect, but she’s simply drawn so its not intimidating.

Its amazing how the balance board seems to figure out what I’m doing and if I’m doing it right. I did a push-up/side plank exercise the other day and really struggled (I’m really not strong enough to it yet) and at the end the trainer girl says “seems like you aren’t quite strong enough for this exercise yet. Keep working and you’ll get strong enough (or something like that).  That is cool (at least to me, as you might be able to tell, I’m not all that self-conscious).

I’m not so crazy about the super mario brother’s game that came with the Wii, but that’s just not my forte (as the balance board dude says about my performance in many balance games).

When you use your left (or off) hand, there is a “nunchuck” that you hook into the remote for use in the off-hand. I’ve found its a bit fickle about if it recognizes what I’ve done — of course, could be I’m just not doing it right. When you do the boxing, you really have to throw the punch for it to register as “right”, can’t just push your arm out there willy-nilly. That also makes this somewhat lazy exerciser work harder… when the punching bag isn’t registering that you’ve “hit” it, makes me try to hit harder the next time around.

I’ve discovered I’m puny at balance games and at rhythm games. No surprise there, and I’m getting better! And I’m having fun while doing it!

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