Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real

My pictures are totally  not in order, so bear with me, I’ll get to each topsc.

We’d decided to keep the backseat open when driving at Christmas. We did great, until we saw the various cousins on New Year’s day.  Then the backseat filled up with the various hand-me downs and such. But it all worked out; we got home safe and sound and it was just as easy to nurse Peanut in the front seat, as the back seat. It just meant Peanut was outside a few more times than otherwise.

I’d realized that knitting in the dark would be difficult, so I took along some wool yarn to make dryer balls. I love them!
I have journaled a fair bit in the past, but left off when I got married. I had someone to share my thoughts with, I didn’t need paper! More recently, I’m feeling the desire to record my thoughts, even though I have someone to share them with (Hubby); I also want to write out my prayers, I find it easier to stay on track. So, to make the writing even more enjoyable, I covered the composition book with some cute paper. I’d started with fabric, but it was too slick, so I used paper in the end. But I still think the fabric is pretty. I’d started to take pictures of the process, but was running out of time (nap time for Peanut) so the pictures stopped. I’m enjoying my new journal!


I made a cake for a triple baby shower. I had fun doing this, and its one of the first layered cakes I’ve done. The shower was a “Three Kings” theme, since it was three baby boys we were celebrating.

And, today the prize I won from Prince Lionheart arrived! Exciting times!

round button chicken


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