Taking the plunge

I’m doing it.

I, Rachael, take the Seamless pledge for 2012. I will abstain from buying any new clothes until the end of my pledge. I will find ways to be fashionable without breaking the bank and without contributing to the cycle of fast fashion consuming the high street. I will trawl through charity shops, I will attend clothes swaps, I will look for second-hand items on eBay and I will craft my own clothes with my own two hands.



  1. No buying new clothes for the duration of your pledge. That is new mass-manufactured clothes (under clothing excluded).
  2. I will buy second-hand manufactured clothes.
  3. Vintage clothing is a-ok! (Not that I wear vintage, this would be new for me)
  4. I hope to make most of what I need!
  5. Does this mean I now have to be “fashionable”?


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