Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Its been a fun, and laid-back week — so nice!

I have the hardest time with [Pretty], its not a word I use just a whole lot… I’m more inclined to think towards [Beautiful]… So  here’s my —


Wiggly, aka Peanut, got to meet his great-grandparents this Christmas.  How fun was that! He is great-grandchild #14 for my grandparents and great-grandchild #9 for Hubby’s grandmother.  So many little blessings! 

If that isn’t one of the happiest little boys, I don’t know what happy is.
Wiggly is really enjoying the bouncy seat that Grandma and Grampa acquired for our time with them. The seat also has lights and sounds, but we turned those off. After the first few days, we figured out that the lights were creating a crazy, over-stimulated Wiggly that wasn’t sleeping during the day and was very fussy. 
Its also getting significantly more difficult to get a non-blury picture of Wiggly (thus the nick-name change), so I tried the “sports” setting on the new camera. Its a grainy picture, as if I was using high speed film, but Wiggly isn’t all that blury!

I actually packed up and brought my cloth diapers to the in-laws, figuring if used them, great, if not, great.  Well, I used them and, thus, did some diaper laundry.  Let me now declare that Hubby’s parent’s have an AMAZING and TOTALLY AWESOME washer.  They have a ‘sanitary’ setting that must be specially made for striping cloth diapers. (I figure it really isn’t, but I can pretend.)

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  1. I'll have to remember to try out the sports setting on my point and shoot once the baby is more active. I had the hardest time capturing non blurry pictures of my middle daughter when she was an active baby and toddler. Wiggly looks like he loves that jumper toy.

  2. I used the sports setting on my camera too! (For both boys.) I used it early on to capture those early fleeting smiles. I love your picture of the washing machine because it just goes to show what makes you excited changes once you have kids. I love my new washer too.

  3. Rachael, you always have the biggest smile on your face 🙂 Motherhood agrees with you! I can't believe how big your boy is getting ~ he will be mobile and getting in to all sort of things before you know it 🙂 I miss those days…

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