Fun pictures — a bit of history

Well, it might count as history… its only the past few months. But check out these pics…

June 2011

October 2011

November 2011 (or is this December 2011?)

I was browsing old pictures and saw that first one from June, and though… wow! Peanut is so small! Can I still give him the nick name “Peanut”… or does he need a new nickname? Peanut is a fair bit heavier than Hank, now, too.

Thought this was fun and I will totally keep up the Peanut vs Hank pictures.

BTW, Peanut *loves* Hank, but Hank doesn’t like Peanut. Peanut will grab at Hank, and make loud noises. As Hank is about 1/2 chicken, he finds that very… scary. Luckily, even with Peanut learns to crawl and walk, Hank is still faster and can get to high places (like the top of the TV cabinet).

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