Sweatshirt Saga continues, and slipper goofs

I’ve had a chance to really do some sewing in the past few days. I’m getting the hand, finally, of getting house work done, while giving Peanut the time he deserves and needs, and still do some of the fun, yet practical, things I enjoy doing.  I finished a pair of fleece overalls for Peanut, for our trip north come Christmas. Hubby’s home town is the furthest north I’ve ever been, and is actually right next to Canada — which is the utter north in this southern gal’s mind. Yes, Wisconsin is only just south of the utter north. Though its never been as cold as I imagine it will be when I’ve been there. But I’ve never been there in January or February… which I have heard is the coldest time. I have plans for another set of overalls, a fleece vest, a fleece jacket and a fleece hat. I might even scotguard one set of overalls and the jacket… but that might be overkill.

Anyhoo, the sweatshirt.  I had so much fun putting the snaps on that I put them on too well… and they cut the fabric. 

Argh, I thought. So, I cut the snaps out and am stitching on some patches. I’m planning on getting some sew-on snaps for the slippers, so I’ll get enough for the sweatshirt, as well. Hopefully the sweat shirt will be back in usable condition soon because this week is going to be chilly-chilly.

As for slipper goofs… I found a nifty slipper pattern here, but it is sized for a larger foot (I’m guessing a 3 to 5 year old foot?). I printed the pattern and then resized it on our printer/copier. I tried to calculate what amount I should reduce it by (copy at 70%, 60%, or what?), but when I went to copy, I realized our copier only offers particular resizing options (Legal to letter, letter to A4, etc). So, I printed a 70% copy and a 50% copy. One look said 50% was too small. I proceeded to make a “muslin” with the 70% copy, but that was also too small. So, I copied at 83%, and that “muslin” (even though the “muslims” are made with fleece reminents) worked nicely. I modified the upper part some; I made the upper look more like another pair of slippers Peanut has. They came out very nice, I think.

Why, you might ask, is one blue with a white lining and other white with a blue lining? Why didn’t you make them the same? Well, this is an aspect of a Rachael goof due to not thinking through right vs left. I think I was in college before I really grasped right and left, honestly. Not sure why those concepts are so difficult, really.

I made them both blue with white lining at first, but then I had two left shoes. Though it will be a while before I truly know if Peanut has two left feet, shoe wise he needs one right and one left. So, I took one apart and figured out how to make it a right shoe. I didn’t want to take the lined upper completely apart, so I just flipped it inside-out, resulting in a white she with blue lining.  I plan to make a second pair, where I will try very hard to make a blue right shoe and a white left shoe. Perhaps I will just be one really crazy and radical mama if I let Peanut wear one blue and one white shoe. That might be really groovy.

This week I hope to finish the Peanut winter wardrobe, the second set of slippers, and some slippers for me. I love slippers and house shoes, so I’m quite excited about this. Pictures promised!

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