Favorite Blogs

I seem to be in blog-fog. I’m struggling to figure out what to post about, which is quite strange for me. Maybe I’m just tired. Ah, who knows. I’m sure inspiration will strike soon.

I have a slew of blogs I enjoy reading and thought I’d share those with you.

Marriage Blogs —
http://tolovehonorandvacuum.com/ I love Shiela’s straight forward dealing with marriage and family. She always gets me thinking.

http://www.onefleshmarriage.com/  Brad and Kate have such good insight into relating as husband and wife. I seem to be able to draw something from each post I read.

http://hotholyhumorous.blogspot.com/  J is great! Again, she is straight forward and doesn’t mince words. That’s important to me.

Family Blogs —
http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/ Auntie Leila is a source of tons of mom-wisdom. Her daughters write fun posts, as well, and I regularly learn something and I’m often encouraged.

http://wantingwhatyouhave.com/ I enjoy reading about Heather’s journey as a mom, a wife, and a woman. She’s frugal, too! She’s even got copies of The Tightwad Gazette.

http://littlehomeinthecountry.blogspot.com/  I have enjoyed following this gal’s journey as a mother and a wife. Last summer, she gardened hugely to provide her family’s veggy needs for the year. And she canned like a mad woman in Aug and Sept.

Sewing —
http://sewmamasew.com/index.php I’m always finding stuff to make here.

http://oonaballoona.blogspot.com/ Oona writes great posts, and makes such fun clothes. I wish I could sew like her! She also posts at Sew Weekly.

Food —
http://tastykitchen.com/ This site is associated with Pioneer Woman, which I also enjoy. I’ve found many, many yummy foods here.

Gardening (and cows) —
http://matronofhusbandry.wordpress.com/ She has cows and gardens. I know an unbelievable amount about rotational grazing and splitting firewood, which I have no use for now. But I learn something every time I read her posts.

Friends —
http://parkerlife04.blogspot.com/ This blog is Katie’s communication about Leah Grace and her progress.

http://hillteatime.com/ Good friends living in south Asia. Amazing pictures.

This is not *all* the blogs I read, just the ones I jump for. What blogs do you jump for?


  1. Rhonda Jean's http://www.down—to—earth.blogspot.com is my "go-to" blog for simple living as is "nellymary"'s 'just like my nan made'. 'farmama' was a farming and simple living and family (and photographic) inspiration but she wrote her last post in October as she closed down her amazing blog. a good & hilariously written 'slice of life' blog is 'freefalling' and her photographic skills are stunning.Deb's 'homespun living' blog shows her stroke of genious with sewing & refurbishing & beautiful country living…..also baking.'a joyous chaos' shows a brilliant writer's journey from leaving the Amish life to finding Jesus and raising her family with her husband out in the country in the USA.'chapters & cream' is a book & coffee shop review blog written by Yvette who is a friend of mine here in Cape Town. Most of these can be accessed by clicking on my name and going into my profile and clicking on the title of the blog.

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