A Day in My Life, by Peanut

Hi everybody. Mommy is drinking her coffee, and I’ve got the laptop, so I’m going to write a post today!

Mommy told me the other day that not everyone has the same kind of day that I have. I thought, “WHAT!!! Not everyone is just like me?” I found myself wanting to tell everyone what my day is like, so they can tell me how their day is different from mine.

I’ve been told the day actually starts at midnight, but I’m not usually awake till 4 or 5 am. But that is only for a meal to tide me over till breakfast at 7 am. Honestly, I like to eat, and I will eat any chance Mommy gives me.

Once I’m dressed, I like to play. Oh, yes, I love to play. I roll around, push up with my arms, grab stuff to chew on, feel the different textures, and generally have a blast. I got Mommy to take some pictures to give you an idea of my play time, since its so much fun, and pictures are so much better than words!

Can you see me kicking my legs? I love to kick.

Roll, roll, roll. Grab toy, stuff toy in mouth!
I will even gather all my toys about me, just to make sure I can grab the one I want, when I want it.

Move, move, move. Oh, look, something new to kick!

Roll, back. Eat bear.

Mommy! Look at me pushing up!

Wa-ha-ha. This is fun.

Sometimes, Mommy will get Hank to come and play where I can see him. I love Hank, but I don’t think he likes me. I’m not sure why, though.  (Mommy note: Hank doesn’t like Peanut so much because of the loud noises Peanut makes and his tendency to grab Hank’s fur if Hank gets too close.)
The kitty is so much fun to watch. I always stop to watch him if he is around.

Of course, I stop to eat regularly. And if Mommy makes me, I’ll take a nap. But I don’t like naps, at least not when the sun is up. I can’t imagine what Mommy is doing while I nap, so I don’t know why she makes me take naps.

Just recently, Mommy has started giving me food other than milk. I like getting to eat stuff, but sometimes it tastes funny and it’s so different from milk. But I love the spoon. Spoons are fun to chew on.

This week, I’ve had to take this nasty tasting pink stuff. I’m not sure why, but Mommy gives it to me three times each day! I spit it out if I can, but she is getting crafty at making me swallow it. Why would she ever give me such nasty stuff?

Finally, after a fun day of playing, eating, and diaper changes, its time for bed. I don’t mind going to bed. The sun is gone, and its dark out, so I figure now is the time to sleep. Some nights I get to take a bath, then Mommy puts me in my jammies. On cool nights, I get to wear my dinosaur jammies, that have a hood, spines down the back and a tail!

My monkey, sea horse and turtle sleep with me. I like to chew on monkey and sea horse will light up and play music. Sometimes, Mommy will turn on the turtle and I get to look at stars that the turtle shines on the ceiling and walls.

Sometimes we read a book, but most often I’m so tired by that time, I just want to go to sleep. Daddy says I’m turning into a pumpkin when I get so tired, but I just don’t like to sleep when the sun is up. So, pumpkin it is.

I sleep and sleep, with 1 or 2 breaks for a snack. And then my day starts over!


  1. Dear Peanut,You get up as early as I do on school mornings! Maybe you don't appreciate naps now, but by the time you are my age, you'll LOVE them! Your quilt is lovely, like a mosaic floor (ask your mommy to explain).

  2. Hi Peanut (or should I say Pumpkin),My day is just as tiring as yours, but not nearly as fun. Instead of rolling & pushing up, if I'm organised I fast walk & jog. In summer, I swim. I drive my teenager to school and sit in traffic listening to Christian music or Talk Radio. Like you, I bathe/shower, get dressed, and interact with my pet (labrador). I end up food shopping more often than I like. There's chores on days my maid isn't here and preparation for teaching, then teaching and driving daughter home from school. Then, food preparation, eating, perhaps answering a few emails, and maybe watching a taped TV series like "House" with my husband. I've given up chewing on toys for my "fun" and rather do things like pray with people or give out 100 peanut butter sandwiches & tea to unemployed people or help fund-raise for church ministries or school activities. I read as often as possible and have "tea times" with friends and if I'm really blessed, walk on the beach or in the forests/mountains. And sleep. Unlike you, I like daytime naps, but don't have time for them except maybe on a weekend….when I'm not driving daughter somewhere or fetching son from univ.Think the only real things you & I have in common are: eating, bathing, sleeping & time with family & pets!

  3. Becca — that is one crazy, crazy schedule, says Peanut. So much driving around. Driving around wears him out, but I guess endurance is developed the more you do it.I love tea time with friends, and going for walks. we enjoy talk radio and the Christian music station, but I don't think Peanut notices them all that much.Rachael — I love that you are reading the blog! I hope you are passing the news on to your Mom and family.

  4. I know….we complain re the driving all the time. But, since we live in one suburb, our kids' schools were in two other suburbs (10 min and 20 min from our home) and there are FEW school buses, and we go to church in yet ANOTHER suburb (a couple min from one of the schools)……and the public transport system exists in Cape Town, but is not all that safe at the moment…….we drive around like looneys. One of our teens has his driver's license (must be 18 over here before elgible) and the other her learner's license, so maybe soon our kids will be driving US around! Here's hoping. One blessing is the son at univ is only 45 min drive away and often gets rides with friends to & from when he's home on weekends.

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