A good day so far!

Woot, I like it when days start out good. And its nearly noon, so hopefully, it will stay “good”.

That second tooth finally finished cutting through, on Thursday. Here’s to hoping that future teeth act more like the first one and not the second one.

The cold front that moved in would be more accurately called a “chilly front”. We did get some rain out of it, about 1/4″.

Now, lets see what I can get done today!

Here’s my attempts at getting a picture of the teeth.

Do you see the one? This was pre-second tooth.

No, Peanut, gotta move the tongue.

Oh, so close. Centering off. If you look close, you can see the teeth!

Can you hold still? No? I should of known.

I think he really likes the camera and get excited when I pull it out and point it at him. I’m guessing he gets that from me.


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