Lubbock? Seriously?

So, one of my few… ahem… many vices is watching the various CSI shows and offshoots. I’ve decided that CSI Miami effectively lowers my IQ by a few points each time I watch an episode, but I regain them when I blog… so it all evens out 😛

I’m currently watching episode 3 — “Blown Away”. The crimes happen in the midst of tornadoes (yep, in Miami of all places). So the storm chasers mention an ‘armadillo’, to which the detective says “The only armadillos I know of are in Lubbock”.

What? Lubbock mentioned in a nationally syndicated TV show? I always imagined my home town was a dinky little place, but it seems it more of a place than I imagined.

By the way, the episode isn’t worth watching just for the comment. Its a rather dorky plot, and dorkish characters.


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