How low can you go?

I decided last week that I was going to aim to keep our grocery budget at $200 a month or less. I pulled out all my recipes from September, and added them up. Before the grocery store run today, I had spent $160 or so. After the grocery store run — $214. I figure this isn’t too bad, and I purchased two 12-packs of my new favorite soda (its my special thing since I can’t have my chocolate).

I had one Sam’s run this month, and it was a small purchase. So, we will see how that pans out over the next few months. I hope to get into the garden this week to get “salad” planted — lettuce, spinach and such. That will save a bundle.

And I’ve been inspired by Little Home in the Country to grow enough in the veggie garden to feed the family. I’m not going to go for no grocery store purchases at all — that’s too much for my first try. And I’d need, likely, 20 some odd tomato plants to make enough sauce, salsa and such to last us all year. And we are only 3 (and only 2 of us are eating solids). Perhaps next summer I can get our grocery output to $100 or less, at least over the summer. That would be cool.

And for a picture — compare these…

Daddy – Peanut Hands — May 18, 2011

Daddy – Peanut Hands June 2011
Daddy – Peanut Hands Sept 2011


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  1. Go Rachael! I wish you a great harvest in your garden 🙂 Even if it's just supplementing what you buy, then it's going to help financially. Samuel will have the advantage of eating nutritionally dense foods grown right in your yard. Babies eat such small quantities, so making every bite count (nutritionally) is important. He is growing so fast!

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