Timing is everything

After re-examining the history of Peanut’s diagnosis of food-induced proctocolitis with the pediatrician, we decided to go for a milk challenge. This means I eat/ingest something dairy, and we see what happens. So, Monday night I had a quesedilla (I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to spell this, and all the checker’s can’t figure out what I’m trying to write).

Unfortunately, we didn’t take into account that Peanut received 4 immunizations Monday as well, which make him cranky, and after a busy weekend with grandparents, a baby dedication, and the Aunt, Uncle and Cousin in town for lunch on Sunday, he’s one tuckered out little boy.  All of this has conspired to create several fussy days and we aren’t sure the exact cause of said fussiness.  Even now, Peanut is in his crib, crying, after nursing for an hour, and refusing to go to sleep. It makes me think of way-back-when we were calling it colic. Is it the cheese from Monday  night? Is it the immunizations? Is it just being overly tired from the busy weekend?

Ah, well, this too will pass. The effects of the immunizations will wear off, the dairy will pass out of my system and he will get rested up from the busy few days. I just hope, beyond hope, that its not the cheese’s fault.


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