Planning the week

Its been weeks since I’ve taken time to plan out the week on Sunday. I find my week goes better when I take the time to plan out when I’ll grocery shop and I can see all the activities of the week. I have a nifty template I use to help me plan my week.

Its a basic document (on the computer) that has 5 columns: Day/Date, Events, Menu, To Dos/Need, and To Dos for Next Day. The rows are for each day of that week; I run the week Sunday to Sunday, with an overlapping Sunday week to week generally. Some weeks, I might run the document Friday to next Sunday (a week and a half) if I’ve got time to sit down and plan on Thursday or Friday.  Here is a google doc to see how I format the document.

I added the events column as I would plan meals forgetting about something I was doing that day that would effect the meal in question. I added the to dos/need column as I would forget to add some particular ingredient or somesuch to the grocery list if I had to look over a recipe (yes, its a bit redundant, but it works well for me). This column also lets me put down things that have a specific day it needs to be done on.  I added the next day column as at times I needed the reminder to pull the chicken out of the freezer two days before I was to cook the chicken (or some such).

I still have a calendar that hands on the wall for general planning and knowing what’s going on. I pull the calendar down to work from as I’m planning the week.

I’m one that needs everything written out at some point, otherwise I forget.

How do you plan out your week? Do you plan it out?


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  1. Yes, I do plan my week, but I do it a little differently. I use my iphone calendar for all planning as I have it with me at all times (nearly). Shocking from someone who is really not a tech savvy person! I plan our outings based on when I have to be in town for children's lessons (swimming, piano and dance) to avoid extra trips in to town. I actually schedule my errands, etc. in my phone for the day/time in question and I even set alerts to remind me to make all my stops. This has SAVED my feeble brain on so many occasions! i like to start the week sort of organized too and so on Sunday I look at what's coming up and how I can modify/schedule to simplify the week.

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