More on diapers

I realized the other night, while opining to Hubby, that I like the sized and fitted diapers best. We have 6 kissuluv size 0 diapers in use, and expect Peanut to out grow them in the next month or so. I’ve used them with wool soakers, fleece soakers and, now, a snapped cover. There are bits and pieces for each cover that I like and dislike, but overall, unless I’m thinking about it, I tend to want to go for the kissuluvs.

A few thoughts:
1. The diaper stash will need to grow. But diapers will only be used at a specific point in the child’s growth, so overall, the diaper, I think, will get used less. Might mean they will last longer.

2. Fitted diapers can’t be any harder to make than pockets. Plus, I can use more scrap stuff, mainly in the absorbent lining.

3. They will be easier to fold after washing. :::chuckle::: well, no folding, or stuffing.

4. I will need more covers to bridge the current size gap. I’ve got covers for 20+ lbs, but none for this 15-20lb stage. Luckily, the covers don’t need to be washed as often, which, hopefully, means the cover will last longer than the PUL on a pocket.

5. the current snapped cover is great, but the fold-over elastic along the legs wicks wetness out. Not good. Might try folding the PUL fabric over along the legs and putting in plastic. Perhaps this will wick less?

6. I like snaps. I don’t dislike the hook and loop stuff (i.e. velcro), but I like the snaps *way* better. Gonna have to get snaps. Luckily, I have some 50% off coupons for Joann’s. ๐Ÿ˜€

7. So far, it seems Peanut has no opinion on what kind of diaper he is wearing. Little Bobble seems to like the cloth ones, but I can’t tell if she likes them better or worse than the disposables. Her mom is thankful for the diaper savings.

8. I gotta figure out how to find more time to sew. I’ve got a pair of pants cut out (for Peanut) and ideas for a skirt for myself, and diapers a plenty cut out, and struggling to find time to sew. Gotta think this out. Maybe a dedicated sewing table will help. Plus, I could use with one less hot spot.

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