Ants and Fruit flies

As I was killing a few ants the other night, I was reminded of a book I loved when I was little. You can tell I loved the book by the pen marks found on some pages… I had a tendency to write in the books I loved. 😛 Well, still do!

Henry’s Awful Mistake is a book about a duck who sees an ant in his kitchen. He happens to be making dinner for a friend (a girl duck) and doesn’t want her to think his house is dirty. So, he goes about dealing with the ant. And ends up losing the house, but not the ant.

So, I decided I’d keep killing those ants I found, but I’m not going to stress over the ants. That’s gonna take work, though.

We’ve also been dealing with fruit flies. As I’m doing the sans-dairy thing, I’ve been eating lots of fruits… see post on sorbet and fruit smoothies. I’ve been putting stuff in the fridge or those fancy green keep-it-fresh bags, but the little dudes persist. Finally, I figured out it was the worm farm (duh, Wifey). After working hard to add fresh shredded paper over a few days to no avail, I moved the farm to the garage. Its a tad hot for them, but the nights are cooling off nicely, so they should be fine. And I’ll keep them fed and watered. I only moved the farm this morning, and already the flies are less. Yea!

I’ve also realized that though I’m quite comfortable in my house, I don’t have much “pretty” to offer in pictures (thinking of Pretty, Happy, Funny and Real on Thursdays). I’m gonna have to think on that, and be intentional. It helps that the weather is cooling off a touch, so I just might be able to do something outside. Can a freshly tilled and planted garden be “pretty”?


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