A new heart

Our friend’s little girl, Leah Grace, is getting a new heart tonight. She’s been on the transplant list for over a year, and its so hard to know how to pray for that. Do you pray that she will get a new heart quickly? That means someone else will lose their little child. That thought breaks my heart, yet, Leah needs this heart. And so we have prayed for the Lord to heal her heart miraculously, and we have prayed that if that isn’t His will, that she will get a new heart soon. And we include a prayer for the donor family — for comfort for their loss.

About 1 pm today, they get a page… there is a heart for Leah. Leah’s daddy rushes from class (he’s one of Hubby’s classmates) and I’m sure Leah’s mommy was dashing to load up Leah and Little Brother into the car to head north for the hospital.

Just now, they posted that the surgery should begin about 730 or 800 (central time). I’m guessing this is going to take ALL NIGHT, which means a sleepless night for Mommy and Daddy.  Please pray for them, that they will be comforted as they wait, that the doctors would have steady hands, that Leah’s body would accept this new heart, and for comfort and peace for the donor family.

I’ll be sure post and update when I get one.


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