Non-diary recipe: Honey Chicken

Since I’ve gone on a complete dairy elimination diet, I’m looking for meals I can make with no dairy.  Seems like most things are at least “manufactured on equipment that also manufactures goods containing milk”, so it has become necessary to get creative.  I sorted out my recipe binder and found several things that are dairy free, and I plan to present those things here.  First up: Honey Chicken.

This was my absolute favorite dish growing up. I LOVE this sauce. I will even enjoy rice with this sauce.  I believe it comes from a 2008 Southern Living cookbook. And its very flexible.

Oil or butter
Chicken pieces

Arrange your chicken pieces in a 9×13 baking dish. If they are boned, bone side down. If not, just space them out. Fit however many pieces you’d like, and scale the sauce to cover them.

Sauce: Use about half honey and half mustard. Mix in the oil or melted butter, about 1 TBSP for a total of 2 cups of sauce, and about 1 TBSP ground cumin for 2 cups of sauce (give or take a bit, according to your taste). We like lots of sauce, so I often use a cup of honey and a cup of mustard. If you like it sweet, use more honey than mustard. If you like it tart, use more mustard than honey.  If your tastes are simple, like ours, use straight yellow mustard. If you have more discerning tastes, use a fancy mustard — according to your taste.

Pour the sauce over the chicken pieces, being sure to cover the pieces well. Place in the oven uncovered.

Bake at 375′, for about 45 minutes. I suspect smaller pieces of chicken, like thighs will need a shorter time in the oven. I know for sure that bone-in pieces need the full 45 minutes.

Enjoy over rice and with a salad — with a non-dairy dressing.

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