Recipes and Food

I tend to find new recipes in a magazine I read or a blog or some such. I have cookbooks, but I have too short an attention span to sit and read them. At times, I have something I need to use in the fridge, and will go looking for a recipe. That means I put the food item in a google search bar and see what comes up. I have enough cooking-fu to recognize what might taste good and what won’t, or how to adjust it so that it does taste good.

I follow two food blogs that I just *love*. I have used, saved and printed up more recipes from these two blogs than any other source of recipes.

Tasty Kitchen is one that has something just scrumptious almost every day.  You can find any number of recipes here, but one is featured on the blog each day. I’ve yet to be disappointed.

Smitten Kitchen offers a new recipe about every other day or so (maybe every 3rd?). She cooks up some odd-ball things at times, but it always looks so yummy. I don’t try every recipe, but perhaps every 4th or so recipe she offers, and I’ve loved each one I’ve tried.

Both of these web sites cycle between desserts, main dishes, sauces and other food categories. I’ve found lots of good stuff between the two (and other sites, but those are for a different post).


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