Book Review: Bringing Up Boys

Bringing Up BoysBringing Up Boys by James C. Dobson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a great book. As I read, it made sense of the things I saw in my students who were boys and even some of the things my Hubby does and thinks! Dobson walks the reader through how boys are different, mentally, physically, behaviorally, and how those differences impact the way a father or mother relates to them. He discusses the impact of current cultural trends, and how they will affect young boys. He speaks to the single parent, grandparents and other adults in a growing boy’s life.

Only one place did I balk or disagree. When he talks about education, he makes the argument involving US test grades with other countries. I have a big beef with this and believe it is an invalid way of determining the success or failure of the US school system. Here in the US, we test *everyone*, and everyone is required to attend kindergarten through high school. Many countries out there, China being one, only allow a portion of elementary aged students to continue into jr. high, and of those, an even smaller portion go on to high school. Thus, they only test their elite students. So, of course, their test scores will be higher.  I’d be fine if US test scores are only compared to those countries who also test everyone. But its unfair otherwise.

I chuckled at one place. In his evaluation of a particular parenting style and their hopes, he calls it a “pipe dream”. After his warning about protecting your boys from drug use, it was humorous to find a drug reference.

Over all, I’d recommend this book to anyone with a son or boys from whom they are responsible for. I wish I’d read this before I started teaching!

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