How’s sans-dairy going?

Actually, yesterday, Tuesday, was a much better day, despite all the errands we ran. Last night, he even let me put him down, on his back, in the baby gym a friend lent me. This morning, I just put him down for a nap, in his bassinet! And he’s asleep. I think it might be making a difference!

I figure there is a chance that he’s feeling better and being less fussy, and my going sans-dairy  might be coincidence. So, my plan is that if he’s this much better all week, I’ll start on dairy again early next week… a bit cheese (pizza, perhaps?), a glass of milk or maybe a bowl of ice cream… and see how he responds.  When I quit coffee the change was quick, and the change pronounced when I started on decaff. And when I stopped decaff, the change was as equally quick and pronounced. Dairy is important enough for me that I was to confirm, in a semi-control experiment, that it is dairy.

Of course, if it is dairy, perhaps I’ll try the decaff again 😀

1 1/2 hours later: Well, he slept for 20 minutes, then was up fussing. I tried 2 more times to put him down and he was fussy-fussy each time. So, he’s in the swing now (and I just realized I forgot to get batteries while at the store yesterday! They aren’t out yet, but its good to have the next set ready to go, right?).  I’d said I’d give it a week, I figure there needs the time to clear my system, and then time to clear his system. :::sigh:::


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