The diaper stash expands

A while back, both wool soakers where drying and I needed a soaker, so I created a “make-shift soaker”.

This is a fleece cutout that was destined to be apart of a pocket diaper, until, that is, I discovered this fleece repels moisture, instead of wicking. I figured this fleece should become soakers, then. But I’d already cut out all the fleece into diaper shaped pieces. Drat. Ah, well, frugalness and creativity to the rescue — and a soaker was created.
I realized with a bit of elastic around the legs, the fleece would make nice and adjustable soakers. I liked the ones I made, but they were size-stable, and the last two I made turned out too small to get on the child (and they are the same size as the wool soakers, they just don’t stretch). Plus, I ended up with all these small pieces and I can’t figure out what to use them for — but too big to just toss in my tightwaddery.
So, TA-DA, make-shift soaker version 2. Beta tested and all! I made one, it worked wonderfully, so I made 4 more. Remember, the fleece is already cut out.
First, I sewed up the sides a channel for the elastic.

Then I threaded the elastic.

To put it on Samuel, since he is still kinda small, I fold down the front, like most the one-size-fits-all style pockets, and snappi it on. I’ve put it over flats, prefolds and kissaluvs. And they should fit him for quite a long time.


This do-hicky I love! Its a “drawstring threader” and works great with elastic, too. No more using a paper clip or safety pin to thread that elastic through! Yea! Wish I’d spent that $1.50 years ago.

Tomorrow, I plan to cut out flats from t-shirts I acquired from the local thrift store.  Ya know, for being a “thrift store”, the stuff is rather expensive, in my opinion. I had a hard time finding anything among the t-shirts less than $5 and many were closer to $10. I guess I just need to go garage sale-ing.


  1. my oldest daughter is expecting baby #2 in December .. she recently mentioned that she'd like to use reusable diapers so I'm interested in your posts relating to all things diapers 🙂

  2. Fantastic re-purposing! I need to buy one of those threaders – they look awesome. Rachael, do you have Freecycle in your area? I bet you'd get great responses to a request for old clothing or sheets to make diapers from. Our list is very active – lots of giving and receiving going on!

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