Goals Updates

I’ve been thinking about getting a blog post up, but was having a hard time deciding on a good topic. Baby and diapers dominate most of my thinking, time and creating moments (working on diapers). So, lets consider goals.

This goals update post is motivated by several things:
Hubby asked when the last time I blogged was;
I’ve been trying to think of a non-baby, non-diaper topic;
I purchased and have been reading “Large Family Logistics“. (no, I don’t have a large family yet, but I’m hoping for more kids — in due time, of course)

The author discusses the establishing of goals, which reminded me of my previous made goals from earlier this year, last posted about in April.  But then May got away from me, and June is a blur, so here we are at July.

Of previous goals:

  • February Lady Sweater still isn’t finished.
  • I *should* have done more diaper prep. We’ve used more disposables than I wanted (but not had to buy any, at least). I’m slowly getting it together, though.
  • Zone cleaning and general house keeping continues, though at a slower rate than even before. 
For July:
  • Round out the diaper stash. I’ve got 4 in the works (using suedecloth, not fleece!)
  • Figure out a good house keeping routine that works with me being home full time and having a baby (this deserves its own post which it will get when I review “Large Family Logistics” when I finished reading it)
  • Ride bike (stationary) 20 minutes 3 times a week
  • Prep garden for Fall plantings
    • tomato plants
    • corn
    • Uncle Chuck’s beans
    • herb plants
    • Lettuces and spinach
I have to remember, I might be home full time, but I’m almost as busy as before with the baby. Must not let goals get the better of me.

One comment

  1. I can't see the picture as blogger is having issues at the moment, but I wanted to say that wee Samuel is at the age where he will establish a bit of a routine and predictability which will be so helpful for you! Soon, if not already, he'll be taking a nice long morning nap and an afternoon nap so you'll get some predictable time to tackle your list of goals πŸ™‚ Those first 6 weeks can be a roller coaster ride, but things soon smooth out πŸ™‚ Being home full time is busy and there is always something to do! πŸ™‚

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