Daddy Magic

I’ve become scarce in the blogging world… well, I’m still reading all the blogs I read, but the presence and care of the baby have made the action of blogging more rare. Slowly, but surely, we are developing some sense of normal, which will mean a return to blogging.

I must tell you about the Daddy Magic that Hubby has displayed. There have been times when Baby’s diaper has been checked and changed, he has been fed, and I’m holding him, yet he continues to cry, and cry, and cry. And when this child gets going, boy, can he get going. I think we have a stubborn one here (which he comes by honestly, both parents can be very stubborn and hard headed.)

At this point, I can, in my frustration, hand Baby off to Hubby, who will work his Daddy Magic. Sometimes, this means observing that Baby is just too hot (how do I seem to miss this?), but more often it means putting Baby on his shoulder and thumping the child on the back till Baby is happy and either sitting quietly or asleep. Additionally, Hubby will talk to Baby about his options…. he can sit quietly and chill, or he can go to sleep, or he can ask Mommy nicely for some milk, but fussing is not a good option. It might be the soothing nature of Daddy’s (Hubby’s) voice, but it works! I think there is some aspect of good training and discipline in there some where, I’m sure. Even a month-old child likes to know their choices.

It’s the Daddy Magic.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate our first Father’s Day with pancakes and bacon (likely for lunch, not sure I can get breakfast out before church) and a back rub for the Daddy. He deserves more, lots more, but this is what’s on the agenda so far.  Thank you for being a good Daddy, Hubby.

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  1. How wonderful that your husband is so in tune with your wee little man 🙂 Daddies really do have that magic touch, don't they? I clearly remember my husband walking around with a baby in the crook of his arm, going about his business, and always… always, baby would instantly fall asleep. Such a wonderful thing – the comfort of a Daddy's strong presence.

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