Philosiology: Know a Philosopher?


If you know a philosopher, this blog is for you. I married a philosopher and its been a joy as he has opened doors of thinking that I never imagined possible. Hubby is an amazingly logical thinker and has helped me, more than once, to really think through an issue.
For all of my family and his family, this site opens up a door into the philosopher’s world to understand them better. Though I am not a born-philosopher, I’ve learned to think better because of the philosophy I’ve been exposed to. So, off you go, read and think and be ready to expand your mind and thoughts!


  1. As I was completing my junior year of college I discovered, quite by accident, philosophy. If it wouldn't have required basically starting over again I would have switched degree programs and become a philosophy scholar. You are so lucky to share your house with one!

  2. I was a psych major and philosophy minor! As a Christian, I critique the subject differently than many philosophers, but nevertheless love the subject. I suppose it's the logical thinking, the debate, the presuppositions, etc etc that are so intriguing to me. Hence, CS Lewis is one of my favourite Christian thinkers/writers. Ditto Dietrich Bonhoffer, Francis Schaeffer, Henry Blamires and the folks at the Institute for Christian Studies (Toronto).

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