On my mind…. baby

Its a tad late to make it the party, but here’s whats on my mind!

I think the baby ‘dropped’!

Yesterday afternoon, I was waddling along as I usually do these days when I realized my uncomfortableness had changed. I felt pressure in spots I hadn’t before, and less pressure where I was used to feeling it. My officemate, who has endured so much with me while at school and has been a wonderful friend and encourager, said she thought my belly was a tad lower. One gal in the office, when asking me how I was (my gait changed trying to be more comfortable walking), said she thought my belly was sitting lower. I will see a friend who is a doctor Sunday evening and I might be bold enough to ask him about it, because I don’t see Doc till Friday! Can I wait that long to know for sure?

So, first is the previous picture of my huge, preggo belly from about 2 or 3 days ago (purple shirt), and here below is the new I-think-he-dropped belly from yesterday evening (red and white shirt).


As soon as I know any thing definitive, it will appear here, I promise!


Please do comment!

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