Review of March goals

Hmmm… March is over with, and it slipped by without my notice. Well, I did notice, but it was all in relationship to how far along my pregnancy is and how far away the due date is.  Its been a rough month, in general. My emotions are volatile (must be hormones, right?), and at least once, I broke down into tears for very little reason. I’ve struggled to keep up with school work and house work from just being tired (emotional doesn’t help).

But, on the up side, its been a ton of fun feeling baby move more often and, occasionally, more forcefully. And some of my grumpiness is from general uncomfortableness that comes with having a baby who just doesn’t fit as well as he used to. The baby got me in the ribs about 4 weeks ago; its better now, but, oooo boy, did it hurt at certain points.

Anyhoo, on to March goals. I posted them here originally.  Let’s see…

1. February Lady Sweater still isn’t finished. When I have time to knit, I’m just not inclined to work on it. It has warmed up (spring = hot here), so no sweaters will be worn any time soon. Perhaps, I’ll just set it aside for now.

2. I have sorted and decluttered lots of paper from the former office closet. Its not done yet, but well on its way.

3. We put in 2 tomato plants, a habenero and 4 jalapeño plants last weekend and did some weeding then. But I’ve not be outside as much as I’d like…. my excuse? Too busy, really, or too distracted.

4. I’ve gotten a picture in almost every post! One goal reached (almost).

(and for this post…)

We said goodbye to the Anaconda this month. Her transmission went out, and we decided she wasn’t worth getting fixed right now. We get a second car this summer or fall, who knows? Maybe a truck?

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