More Surprising Things about Pregnancy

I previously posted on those things that surprised me about pregnancy here. I’m continuing the thoughts here….

On pants and skirts: getting them to stay up takes work. Either the waists are too big and slip down regularly or they fit nice and comfy, but tend to slip down as I walk, or they are too tight and baby “fusses” against the restriction (if I sit down with close fitting pants, he starts kicking and punching very quickly, like he is uncomfortable with the tightness…).

Babies have amazing strength. He’s gotten me in the ribs a few times and the pain lasts all day. Yesterday, I started to wonder if he’d cracked a rib or some such, but when the pain subsided in the afternoon, I figured he’d just hit a nerve or the bone.

People are very quick to help when your belly starts growing. If something drops in class, I often have 3 students jump to pick it up. I must be waddling (Hubby said I was) because I get offers of help carrying things very often.

Sometimes I forget I have a big belly until I bump it into something. Baby doesn’t usually like that.

There’s more, but its not blog-worthy or appropriate. And I”m sure there will be more yet to come!

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