Alice in Wonderland

The movie finally showed up in the netflix instant que, so I decided to watch it while writing mid-quarter reports. I’m not one to latch on clothing or costumes, but I love her dress while she is in underland, the blue flowy one…. see here: (from the wikipedia page)

This is when I wish I actually had some sewing talent, but alas, designing such an item is far out of my ability range.

“Lost my muchness, have I?” I like this quote. I’ve worked hard at having “muchness” and hope to never
lose it!

A very good movie, though I would have called it PG-13, not PG. The Jabberwoky is scary, quite honestly! Though the theme of knowing yourself and making your own decisions, versus letting others decide for you is appropriate for most ages. It fits well with our American Ideals (not that I totally agree with these ideals; I think we sell short the ideal of duty and loyalty. But that is for another post all together).

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