Life, School and Stuffiness

Life continues as per normal. Hubby is stressed over those last 2 papers to write. I don’t blame him at all, I’d be wound up over them, too. Especially when the class grade is based on that one paper. Previously, during the 3 weeks of crazy paper writing time, he worked well enough that the last few days weren’t all that bad. I sure hope this round works out the same. He is quite disciplined with his time, but its still hard to get yourself to work when you are tired.

Tonight, I’m feeling pretty good. Thanksgiving was great, and I had a wonderful time with all the family in. Last minute, I discovered we only had 11 forks, so I used a plastic fork. I had 12 knives, and 12 spoons… and 12 adults! Luckily, the toddler wasn’t using silverware, nor was the newborn (6 weeks — that would be my sister’s little boy). We ended up with 12 adults, a toddler, a baby and 2 not-yet-born-babies! Quite a full house. I had a ton of fun playing house all week and was feeling great by week’s end.

Then, the week back to school was very up and down. By the end of last week, I was weary and tired and still stuffy (still am, in fact), and Saturday evening I was feeling quite miserable. I began to wonder if I was coming down with another cold! But it passed and quickly, so I think it was just the stress/tired/weary effects. Today, Monday, was pretty good. In fact, I got all the current grading done this evening while watching Dr. Who (season 5). I’ve got a biology final to write, which is the big stressful thing on my plate currently — but, as a plus — finals week makes for a much easier schedule for me at school. I’m very much looking forward to it.

A little over a week ago, I thought I might have felt baby move, but I’m not sure. There have been a few times that I wondered if it was baby, my digestive track, or my imagination moving, so who knows. Next Monday, we go for the ultrasound to check anatomy (and find out gender!), and a good MD friend said that would really help me identify if its baby moving or not. He said I’d see the baby move in the ultrasound, feel it and know what I was feeling. So, here’s to hoping!

I’m off to bed, now. I’m making for early nights these days, to see if I can make it through the day with out crashing at 230 or 3 pm. Hope all out there have a good sleep tonight and find themselves refreshed in the morning!

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