True misery  has got to be something more than anything I’ve experienced. It seems to include not just physically hurting, but a depressed spirit and tired and hungry soul. Thus, I’m reluctant to describe myself as miserable at the moment, but it is sure close.

Last Sunday I realized how very stuffy I was. I didn’t feel that bad, so I called it allergies and stopped drinking milk (which tends to make me stuffy). Wednesday afternoon, I was feeling pretty bad, and though I finished the day teaching, I skipped staff meeting and mock trial for which I am faculty sponsor. I went home and slept a hour, then went to bed early, but didn’t feel any better on Thursday.  By the the weekend, I still wasn’t feeling much better, and was firmly thinking it was allergies. This week, I’m not so sure. Tuesday morning I was feeling miles better and my sinuses were starting to clear. This morning, I felt quite good, and even the right side was starting to clear (blowing my nose like crazy, hard to teach when the  nose is dripping so much stuff). This afternoon, however, my right side sinuses are clogged again, and my head is really starting to ache.

I have successfully made it with no drugs so far. Doc has given me permission to take a few specific ones, but I’d rather not. Alas, I might succumb tonight to the pseudophephidrine (unsure of spelling — its the decongestant). Overall, I guess its better to take the drug and avoid a sinus infection than go drug free and suffer the sinus infection. Aren’t the antibioitics worse? Had one friend who got a sinus infection in the last month of her pregnancy and the doc made her wait till she’d given birth to take antibiotics. Ah, well, I’m likely being way over dramatic anyhow.

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