Baby, Habits and Household

One blog that I read regularly (its in my google reader) is http://down—to— Today, she posted about getting her household organized and her commitment to get this done. Its a funny thing, as I’ve seen two TV shows recently about hoarders and the situations they create (neither where actually about hoarders, but the hoarders provided a plot point). And then, this morning’s sermon was over James 5:1-6 and the lure money has on us (brief reference to hoarding money and possessions given). So, it seems I’m hearing, seeing and reading about things and stuff quite a bit recently. Could just be my perception.

Anyhoo, all this discussion of things and stuff has me thinking about our household. We do pretty good and the house is C.H.A.O.S.* free most days. And I have fairly good habits to keep it that way. I tend to clean and do laundry on Saturday (or other day off), and grocery shop on Monday afternoons. Honestly, the carpet hasn’t be vacuumed in a few weeks, but by in large, these chores are kept up with. No, I don’t do it to the level of my true satisfaction, but its good enough. Good enough is the level of doneness that I give to those things that really are not all that important. Honestly, will weekly vacuumed carpet keep my relationship with Hubby good? No, it won’t. But making sure we have something reasonable to eat each evening will impact my relationship with Hubby, both by just providing for him and making sure both of our blood sugar levels are adequate for general life. So, that say, I feel okay about where my house stands on the housekeeping standards, especially while I’m working full time and growing a baby. Different times of life call for different priorities, especially when it comes to housekeeping.

There are two areas of the house that really do need some work… decluttering or organizing or just putting away stuff. First is the office closet. Its really not that bad, but when this room becomes the nursery, where is all this stuff going to go? That may be an issue to be dealt with when the room is truly converted. Second is the guest bedroom closet. This, unfortunately, has become my dumping ground for all things without a home. The room itself needs some picking up, but its not bad compared to the closet. I really need to think through these items… should they stay and just be organized? Or does it need to be thrown away or given away? Do I need to acquire some shelves to add some organization? Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions.

As for the baby front, I’m feeling pretty good. My belly has started to “pop” just a touch and one pair of beloved pants have been outgrown. But, I am in luck, a good friend blessed me with a large stash of maternity clothes, so I’m set for the next 6 months. The hard part has been finding a place for all the clothes, as I now have more maternity clothes than I had of regular clothes previously. I have more than doubled my wardrobe. My plan is to trade out regular clothes as I outgrow them for maternity clothes so that I shouldn’t need to buy a slew more hangers. Some of these clothes are just so cute! I’m excited to get to wear them. In fact, I wore some today, and the outfit is quite comfy.

I have rambled enough for today, I think, and I should get this grading done. Or take a nap. Hmmmmmm……..

*Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome — its a word.


  1. Hello from Michigan!I got your letter today and thought I'd check out your blog. It was very nice to put a face to your name! Soooo excited for you about the baby! I'll be keeping up on your blog now.Blessings!FaithAnn

  2. Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome – pity it does not work in Czech, for it is so fitting!And… I'm just excited for you and the baby, and the rest of it. I'll be visiting my cousin and her little twin daughters, if I have time, and think a little abut you, OK? 🙂

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