Fun New Stuff

I enjoy getting new things, but I just the biggest new thing (other than the house) that we’ve every purchased.

Its official, we are now a two car family; that seems absolutely crazy to me. Anaconda (the Saturn) was presenting with some issues (a/c stopped working for a time, rack and pinnion making noises) that made us begin thinking about a second car. Anaconda has been faithful for many years to take from LA to Texas and back again and even up to Wisconsin last Christmas. She gets great gas mileage (talking 45 – 50 mpg on the highway, 35-38 mpg in town). But her age is catching up to her. So, we searched and sought and came up with with this… a Hyundai Elantra. He is a stick shift, just like Anaconda, which we demanded and we have named him Land Shark. He is much fancier than Anaconda, who has only power brakes (no power stearing, no power anything!). Land Shark has power windows and locks and even cruise control! Quite the upgrade.

Why name him Land Shark? He also comes with XM radio capabilities and a little antenna on the back. It looks a bit like a fin, thus a fishy name came to mind.

We’ve really enjoyed the driving so far. He is very quite, and I love the cruise control. New stuff can be a ton of fun!

Please do comment!

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